Sunday, January 24, 2016

Operating Principles of Bethel House

 Principles of Bethel House 3 January 2016

1.This house is owned by Christians and as a ministry is managed by Thomas Francois. It is named Bethel (House of God) because it is dedicated to the glory of God for the following purposes.

2. The purpose of the house is
             a. to provide a safe place for those who are committed to Christ And want to grow in fellowship and maturity during their stay.
             b. a temporary or longer term place of refuge, a peaceful place to grow, to fellowship, to pray, to worship and find mutual support in Christ.
             c. to further the Gospel, good news of Christ, and therefore the resident guest is also encouraged in reaching out by serving others in need. They are not eligible to live here until they show by their words and lives that they are serious in their commitment to Christ.

3. Those who come to stay in the guest room here are expected to follow the rules and principles of the house, to engage in the spiritual activities of the home and to respect the property and the spirit in which the house is operated.

4. The men who have taken an interest in seeing the purposes of this home being accomplished will hold Thomas responsible for managing the house and ministry by these principles.

There are a number of standards that will be upheld and those who violate these while here are liable for immediate eviction.

a. All people who come under this roof will be treated with respect. This also applies to behaviours while out in the community.
b. If you smoke smoking will only occur on the boulevard by the trash can. Butts will be extinguished and disposed of in the can and not on the ground or the street.
c. The house is alcohol and drug free. If you are suspected of using you may be tested and if you are found to have been using you are liable for immediate eviction.
d. No vulgar or profane language.
e. Zero tolerance for violence, aggressive behaviours or intimidation. These will not be tolerated by those who oversee the ministry.
f. No glorification of street life.

This is a one on one transitional Christian based private housing situation, meaning that you will be living with Thomas the manger of Bethel: House of God. There is a qualified Family Doctor who is also a Psychiatrist and is available for consultation as maybe needed by those in the general population. If you are in need of this service a referral will be necessary from a general practitioner. There are, as stated above, expectations of you in your time here. Financial obligations in your time here will be assessed on a per individual basis.  

Currently there is availability for someone and we are praying for the right person to move into the room.


Thomas Francois
Beit El Bethel House of God

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