Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Vision For Ministry

The home I am living in was an answer to prayer, a desperate cry to God for grace, mercy and provision. For his glory.

  For a variety of reasons, back in August of 2015, I stood on the edge of a mere three days away from being homeless. The circumstances were bleak and very dark indeed, they were as such that the provision of this home could plainly be seen, by those closest to me, to be His provision alone. Praise God.

  I determined and promised the Lord that this home belonged to him and for him in service of Christ and that I, with an open heart, would have an open home of ministry designed to be a place where others will be ministered to in his name.

  Soon, in another month or so, Bethel: The House of God, will have a gathering for the community where there will be food, fun, fellowship and music. We are looking at the third Saturday of March tentatively. There will be an announcement here soon, as well as at Prairie Tabernacle, so stay tuned.

  For far too many years, after three years of Bible College and two in Seminary (Tyndale University College), I wandered in the dry desolate places without a vision for ministry. Despite my rebellious ways and the squandering of my heavenly inheritance, the Lord's hand and protection remained on my life. He remained faithful though I had not.

  Now, 17 years after leaving the Seminary, God has positioned me with a vision for ministry, and the very basic provision of a real home with a guest room, awaiting another Christian male, needing to be blessed by a Christian home environment where a number of groups are already in operation.

  Bethel has specific prayer needs. Pray concerning that the right man for the room will be brought at just the right time. God knows who that is so pray that we are able to clearly recognize God's will in this.

  We are in need of committed prayer partners and people with a vision for a Christian home ministry; some to participate in groups and planned activities. We can see walks, the recreation centre, the pool and bowling as some of the regular activities. Perhaps a Christian movie and pizza night once a month on a Saturday evening. Early evening of course.

  The Wednesday night Bible Study is already going and is open to both men and women. We have taken turns in leading sessions so participants are encouraged to grow in a number of ways including proficiency of group leadership. Mentors and participants include Albert Ehman (currently away) Bill Redifer, Stefan Dyck, and Thomas Francois.

  There is currently also a men's discipleship group here on Sunday afternoons being facilitated by Dr. Martinus Reedyk. We are also looking to have a Monday night fellowship with prayer, praise, worship, music and fellowship so please help me to seek God for his provision in all of these matters. Those hungry to have God's presence and Holy Spirit overflowing their lives as rivers of living waters are encouraged to be here.

 Please also pray that those who hunger for God's touch in their lives; the marginalized, the poor, the orphan and the widow, pray they will find God in the midst of their dark night of the soul and into His loving light!

Prayer List for Program Development needs & ongoing financial support

A) toiletries/sundries; cleaning supplies; coffee, sugar, creamer, filters

B) laptop with Windows 8 or Windows 10 for database development, html web design, documents building, program development, daily program log entry, PowerPoint, laser printer, printer paper, inks.

C) Eventually I would see God's provision for half of the rent, utilities and internet costs covered, while I would still continue to cover the other half. Future guests would still pay half rent, utilities, and internet however those monies would go into a general Bethel account to be utilized for the ministry as determined by designated financial advisors.

Your fellow servant in Christ
Thomas Francois
Beit El Ministries

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